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    I fell in my yard on the 4th of July. By midnight I was referred to Dr. Kerr at the Swedish Hospital, Ballard. On July 6th, I underwent surgery for a full hip replacement. Not only was the surgery quick and efficient, Dr. Kerr called my friend to tell her I came through with flying colors. Moving forward to the follow-up xray and office visit - all was in perfect order and I am walking better than I was before the surgery. Thank you Dr. Kerr. Warm G.
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    I had a serious fall April 30th in Palm Springs. My Orthopedic Doctor that did my knees was not a Spine Specialist. Ugh! I made several calls to known Orthopedic Docs when we got home( I was in agony) only to find they all wanted to give me either a Spinal shot or put cement into the 3rd Lumbar compressed Fracture. I did not want this. I heard about this new amazing Orthopedic Surgeon who specialized in neck and spine fractures as well as surgery. Scared to death that I would be disabled with the compression fracture I called Dr Stewart Kerr at Orthopedic Specialists. He had just come from Alaska, BUT, upon reading his Discography/Bio. I was immediately on the line! His experience superceded any other Doctor in this field! Let me say this. I was so happy I saw him! He said NO to the shot or cement injection in my spine! I was so glad! He was so open and honest about my situation that I immediatley relaxed and followed what he said. Diana H.
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