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  • Preventing falls, preventing injury

    Falls are a common cause of injury, experienced from the time a child learns to walk until old age, when an elderly tries to maintain balance over weak limbs. Injuries caused from falls can be quite severe and the stats regarding falls are alarming.

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  • How vitamin D affects your bone health

    Vitamin D is essential for the healthy growth and development of teeth and bones. Aptly called the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is primarily sourced from the sun’s rays. Once exposed to the sun’s rays, the body prepares the vitamin. This in turn, allows the absorption of calcium and phosphorus (obtained from the food) into bones and teeth.

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  • Exercises that strengthen your joints

    Exercise plays a vital role in strengthening your joints. The more you move your joints, the less stiff they will become. Bones and joints become strong when they are forced to bear weight greater than they are used to. This can be done by performing weight bearing exercises and high impact exercises such as weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, jogging, plyometrics, and aerobics.

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  • Can good nutrition save your life?

    Eating has become such a routine that we don’t stop to think that there are some foods out there that can actually save your life. While most foods that we eat have some form of nutrients that make up our complete balanced diet, there are foods that go beyond just the nutrient provider to protect you from many deadly diseases.

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  • Weight loss tips

    Losing weight not only improves your appearance and boosts your confidence level, it can and also keep various chronic diseases at bay. Weight loss is a long-term commitment and cannot be achieved without discipline and persistence. Here are a few suggestions to help you lose those extra pounds and maintain those changes as a way of life.

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