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  • Dr. Kerr was very sensitive to my reluctance to surgical correction of my lower back problem. He carefully evaluated my condition, presented me with a series of treatment options and tradeoffs, and worked with me to choose the treatment approach that would meet my goals. We ultimately chose minimally invasive surgery, which his team performed flawlessly. A few weeks later, and I am doing better than before the condition materialized. Tom B
  • I have been suffering with low back and hip pain for years. I went thru all the prescribed lower level treatments - physical therapy, spinal injections - nothing made a lasting difference. As a lifelong runner it was crushing to reach the point where I simply could not run or even walk long distances without pain. I was resigned to giving up that part of my life. Eventually the pain grew worse and my back would spasm throughout the day.
    In a last ditch effort I saw Dr. Kerr. After and x-ray and an MRI he was able to correctly diagnosis my condition and recommended ALIF surgery. Dr. Kerr patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Back surgery is not something to enter into lightly. But after discussing the pros and cons, I made the decision to move forward. BEST DECISION EVER!
    I am 6 weeks post-op and feel amazing. My recovery is going so well the biggest problem I have now is holding myself back from doing to much to soon. My only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Kerr earlier. Finding a physician you trust can be one of the biggest hurdles in accessing appropriate care. I highly recommend Dr. Kerr to anyone who is suffering from spine or neck pain Kelly S
  • In June of 2020, I saw Dr. Stewart Kerr in Seattle for chronic pain caused by considerable disc damage and deterioration at multiple levels in both my cervical and lumbar spinal areas due to an accident. I started with conservative, non-invasive treatments including chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage to help relieve my symptoms which were numbness and pain in my hand and arm, and extensive pain across my upper back and lower back, but eventually I realized these therapies only provided short term relief; a week at most, and I needed to obtain a better understanding of my problem.
    Dr. Kerr came highly recommended from his years of experience working with trauma patients in Afghanistan, and in Alaska and Washington State. He was super nice, knowledgeable, and his words were comforting as we looked at my X-rays and MRIs and he explained in detail the two spine surgeries I needed to get back to the healthy, active lifestyle I’d enjoyed before my accident. He instilled the confidence I needed to move forward and I left his office feeling hopeful for the first time in years.
    In Sept he performed a multilevel ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) that resolved the pain in my upper back and in January 2021, with severe sciatica extending down both my legs, he proceeded with the surgery on my lower back, performing the Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion surgery on L4, L5, and S1and now I have no sciatic or lower back pain. Thank you, Dr. Kerr! D Notes
  • Dr. Kerr provided exceptional care for my lower back. No surgery was needed however I have complete confidence had I needed it I would have been in good hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Kerr! Jeffery S
  • Amazing surgeon, he took great care of me when I was feeling probably some of the worst pain of my life. Multiple level spinal fusion. Amazing surgeon is only 1 of the great qualities you will experience, Dr. Kerr spends time with his patients and answers every question. Bedside manner second to none. Highly recommend if you have neck or back issues, Dr. Kerr is the best surgeon I have ever had. Thank Dr. Kerr and your staff for taking such good care of me. Daniel K
  • Dr. Kerr is top notch! Friendly, kind, and above all a GREAT orthopedic surgeon. I had a clavicle fracture (ORIF) that needed urgent repair. It's been well over a month since my surgery, and I truly have no complaints: the surgery was great (pre, during, and post), provided a thorough analysis of my clavicle fracture (tips, dos/don'ts, etc.), and without his help I wouldn't have the mobility that I have now. If you're looking for someone to repair your clavicle, don't hesitate to pay Dr. Kerr and his awesome team a visit! Ian P
  • I had ongoing neck pain for 30 + years from injury and progressing arthritis. I finally went in to see Dr Kerr and had some imaging done. He recommended surgical fusion of C4-C7 due to severe arthritis and stenosis. We made a plan for the surgery Summer of 2020 during Covid. Dr Kerr is professional and compassionate, and encouraged likely pain relief with the surgery. I spoke with some friends and colleagues who had similar surgeries recently. After years of waiting... I am not sure why I endured the discomfort so long. Am so grateful I found Dr Kerr and he was able to help with my condition. Feel like a new person 6 months post operative! Have enjoyed working with the doctors at Seattle Orthopedic Center over the years. Todd H
  • My mother is a patient of Dr. Kerr. She has been seeing him since July. He is always kind, respectful and generous of his time. He really wants the best care for her and is not quick to do surgery when she didn't need it. I highly recommend Dr. Kerr, not just for his knowledge but his kindness and compassion he shows. Thank you Dr. Kerr for being there. Karen Hanson for Betty Nelson Jim H
  • Man I cant say enough good things about Dr. Kerr what he has done for me in such a short time and how quickly i healed after having Thoracic Lumbar disk Herniation Decompression surgery. I walked out of the hospital hours after and felt great. Dr. Kerr is by far the most personable Dr. Ive ever worked with his sincerity and dedication to his patients is above and beyond and the same goes for all of his staff members. Thanks again to all involved Roy O
  • I was referred to Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle and Dr. Kerr from my Dr in Eastern WA due to complications with a prior back surgery. My experience with Dr Kerr has been excellent. He is very attentive, and listens closely to the patient to understand their current condition and problem. His physical exams have been very thorough and I can tell he really wants to figure out the problem and find the best solution for my health. You won't find this will all Dr's. The front desk staff has also been very helpful figuring out all of my insurance issues. Thanks Dr. Kerr Tri-Cities
  • I went to Dr. Kerr with a ruptured patella tendon. He go me in right away and performed a speedy and thorough surgery. Dr. Kerr seems to be a very knowledgeable doctor and is see me through a long rehab. I highly recommend him. Norm S
  • Dr Kerr recently treated my husband for spinal stenosis. He was very caring, gentle and knowledgeable, and quickly assessed my husband's condition. He prescribed both medications and physical therapy. 3 weeks later, husband is almost back to normal. We highly recommend Dr. Kerr!!! Sally R
  • I had an issue with my lower lumbar which resulted in debilitating pain radiating down my leg. I was hesitant to say the least in my consideration of a surgical option with all of the negative hype surrounding "back surgery". Dr. Kerr took the time and reviewed my imagining with me, logically outlined my condition and provided a steadfast recommendation. His prognosis and surgical prowess was spot-on and I feel 100 times better. I personally choose Dr. Kerr based on his military service, volunteerism and participation in advance fellowships. I was seeking a doctor who would put their patient before themselves and had the training and expertise to assure a quality outcome and I was not let down. #Highly Recommend Chad R
  • I injured my Achilles' tendon and Dr. Kerr at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle accepted me as a patient almost immediately, for which I was very grateful. Dr. Kerr has a warm, friendly demeanor, is clear and professional with patients, and makes you feel like everything is going to work out. Very comforting. He did an excellent job taking care of my injury, which required surgery. It's healing up nicely (no scar!) and I'm expecting a full and fast recovery. Dr. Kerr and OSS are top notch. Highly recommended. Steve K
  • I sought a second opinion with Dr. Kerr after suffering with severe sciatica due to a herniated disc for almost a year. Dr. Kerr's thorough analysis of my condition coupled with his successful background (and MANY high reviews) was a sure sign he was the right surgeon for me. Little did I know, that was just the tip of the iceberg. His bedside manner is like none other I have experienced. Confident, compassionate, thoughtful and responsive. I never once doubted he had my absolute best interest in mind - and hands-down the most accessible doctor I have known. After almost a year of Urgent Care, Emergency Room visits and a handful of various specialist the plan of action and surgical procedure Dr. Kerr recommended and provided has me 100% free of the excruciating sciatic pain I was in. I recommend Dr. Kerr without hesitation and am beyond grateful to have received his care and expertise. Jeannette D
  • Dr. Kerr performed a total knee replacement for me and he was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I was confidant of his abilities prior to surgery and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I healed far quicker than expected and am thrilled to recoup my active lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Kerr. Elaine P
  • Dr. Kerr did a great job on my Achilles tendon after first trying a non-surgical approach, just to make sure that he could be as conservative as possible -- the mark of a really fine surgeon, Next year he will also be working on my spine, and I am totally confident in going "under the knife" again. Mark V
  • Dr Kerr did an excellent job diagnosing and explaining the procedure to eliminate my severe low back nerve pain. He reviewed what the problem was, answered all questions and did a great job. The result was what he described it would be and I am now pain free! He comes highly recommended! Mark W
  • In July/Aug 2020 I went to Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle to see Dr. Kerr for back pain after physical therapy failed to help. X-rays and an MRI made it clear that my fall from a ladder 12 years ago likely caused damage in my neck leading to a significant amount of arthritis that had eaten away at two disks and the surrounding area, causing major deterioration and compression, which in turn was causing nerve pain running across my upper back, down both arms, and numbness in my hands. In September, after COVID settled down a bit, Dr. Kerr performed my ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) in day surgery. I was there about 10 hours and was a bit nervous after reading the worst of the possible side effects, but Dr. Kerr is a true professional and when I woke up after the surgery, despite being groggy, I had a smile on my face. It was actually considerably easier than my hip replacement surgery. Although I never experienced any neck pain following the surgery, I did continue to have expected upper back pain for the first week or two because the additional cushioning in the replacement grafts increased my height slightly, pulling on muscles, tendons and nerves in my back that had shrunk over the previous years due to a loss of 2" in my height from deterioration. To help alleviate the pain, I used a Theracane (a self massager I bought online years ago) to massage the sore spots and the pain disappeared. Although, I have to wear the cervical collar for 8 weeks, after two weeks out, I am aware that I no longer have radiating back, arm, or hand nerve pain and am able to do anything I want with a temporary weight limit of 30 lbs.
    Thank you, Dr. Kerr, for sorting out my back issues! Who knew it was actually caused by my neck and that it could be fixed so easily! D Notes
  • I am happy to recommend Dr. Kerr's services! He is very compassionate and professional and works with you to get the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. He was a strong advocate for me when negotiating with insurance and was always responsive when I had questions or needed clarification. I was in horrible pain due to an advanced case of spinal stenosis, losing use of my left arm, and proceeded with tri-level ACDF surgery based on recommendation by Dr. Kerr. His advise was validated by multiple providers (internal medicine, occupational therapy, etc.), and I was able to go through with this difficult procedure and recovery with confidence that it was necessary. I am about 6-7 weeks out now and the operation has been a complete success thus far: the pains are gone, I am regaining functionality through physical therapy, and am healing on schedule! Excellent job by Dr. Kerr and Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle. Cheers! Jonathan P
  • Dr. Kerr is both thoughtful and thorough. He anticipates questions and describes options in laymen’s terms. Doug G
  • Dr. Kerr was amazing. I blew out my ankle on Christmas Day 2013 and Dr. Kerr fixed me. It was so bad that he couldn’t operate for 3 weeks due to fracture blisters and risk for infection. Dr. Kerr was confident that he would be able to fix my ankle and I would get back to all my recreational activities including running in due time. It has been 7 years since my accident and I am pain free. I can’t thank him enough! Chelsey B
  • I figured I should balance out some of the other reviews as they seem unreasonable and irrational. I had surgery about five weeks ago and the effectiveness of the surgery coupled with the care I received from Dr. Kerr and his team has been absolutely excellent. Dr. Kerr was compassionate and informative and walked me through some of the lifestyle changes accompanying this kind of injury. His staff is excellent as well and I can't speak highly enough about the overall experience I have had despite the traumatic accident that required this surgery from Dr. Kerr.
    Additionally, Dr. Kerr has gone a step above and suggested a lifestyle adaptation as a result of my injury that has improved my health and welfare to better than prior to my accident. His coaching on this front has been first class and I'm thrilled that despite my injury, I can pursue improvements and physical health that I would not have without the professional counsel of Dr. Kerr. Ben
  • Dr Kerr, first of all, let me apologize for not writing this four years ago when you did my surgery. I just need to let you know how much I appreciate my new back. I know I really lucked out when I got you as my surgeon. You told me what was wrong and how you could fix it. And you did. My back is doing great. My knee is still doing okay after that series of shots and the brace. Thanks for all you did Myrna M
  • I have only very good praise for Dr. Kerr. The surgery he performed on my back was involved and successful with me walking the same day comfortably, home the next day. Will always be grateful. Cool guy, too. Regan D
  • Fantastic Dr. Neck fusion 3 cervical vertabre and very little pain no loss of head movement. Played softball in three months. He is very caring and would send friends to this man. Staci B
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